Squirrel Pest Control

Getting that squirrel out of your attic

There is a view that squirrels and their cousin, the rat, are ranked as the “worst” of today’s small creature home infestations. While rats are condemned because this creature spreads disease and destroys property by eating building materials, it is the pesky squirrel that is described as “crazy” when a homeowner tries to get it out of one’s attic or garage. In turn, the best solution for rat, squirrel or other wee creature infestation is to have an expert remove the animals without any need to kill or harm them. The goal is to always act humanely when sorting out these pests.


Best wildlife prevention help

The best way and means to get small animals out of one’s attic is to call in experts who are trained in safely removing these overhead guests. Attic pest removal is trending in the Atlanta region due to climate change and other environmental issues that are resulting in homeowners saying “oh my” when confronting bats, mice, rats, raccoons and other small creatures living up above them. Meanwhile, there is a clear and present danger to those living with these disease carrying creatures. For instance, small babies and elderly can breathe in the toxins that these creatures cast off from urine and feces left in walls and near attic air ducts.

No kill animal property removal

At the end of the day, the best way to successfully shoo away a crazed squirrel or other small creature is to call in professionals to do so without killing or harming the animal. While this sounds like good common sense, there are many property owners who opt for dangerous poisons that actually boost local health problems because the creatures die in the floor or wall boards; while then spreading dangerous toxins throughout the home. The best way and means to remove these pests is to know what you are dealing with, say longtime professionals commenting online.


The signs of small creature infestation include:

– A ¼ long sausage shaped feces that are a sign of rats.

– Pellet shaped dropping that mean mice are in the home.

– Tell-tale fowl smells coming from back areas of outdoor sheds, a garage or attic.

– Strange noises that include a squeaking sound that squirrels stuck in attics often make.

Overall, there is a need for homeowners to inspect their property on a regular basis to determine if there has been an invasion of small creatures such as rats and squirrels.