Removing Wildlife Humanely

The news that a squirrel or other small creature is stuck or living in one’s attic or other removed area of a home is most disconcerting because the property owner must decide to kill or not kill the creature. The preferred solution is to safely remove the creature from the home without killing or injuring it because the bodies of these wee animals emit dangerous toxins that can negatively impact the health of homeowners. To identify such a small creature invasion, the homeowner needs to hire an environmentally friendly pest management professional who, in turn, uses “enviro” methods and products to safely remove the creature.


Removing wildlife humanely

There is a trend to tackle the problem of small creature invasion without resorting to killing or injuring the animal. In fact, there are incidents of animals living under rafters and requiring professional help more and more each and every day as property owners try and come to terms with climate change driving these wee creatures inside out of harm’s way. The creatures are in a sort of “survival mode,” and that translates to them being dangerous, say pest eradication experts commenting online.

Ethical wildlife property removal

The best way and means to remove wee creatures from one’s home or property is with safe and proven means, states the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website devoted to small animal infestation issues. The CDC web page notes that any infested area should be cleanup as soon as possible, while the area should also be sorted out with lots of air via keeping windows and the space well vented. The property owner also needs to disinfect the area where the pests lived and bred.

Atlanta small creature horror story

According to an Atlanta homeowner commenting on a social networking site, the worst thing to ever happen to her once happy home was to be invaded by rats. The homeowner said the rats started to “breed,” and before her and her family realized it they were literally overrun and crying for help. Thanks to a local pest control agency, the home was cleaned out of the rats in less than a day. The homeowner said that best of all, “they removed these little creatures without having to kill or harm anyone of the big rats and baby rats.” Meanwhile, the local health department has issued warnings for homeowners to beware of growing threats from rat infestations due to climate change and other environmental factors that are occurring nationwide.

Atlanta pest removal

Simply put, there are more and more rats decided to go indoors to breed and live than in the past, say experts who are tackling the issue with both local community education efforts and practical assistance form pest control companies. The results are best when the homeowner detects and notifies experts in safe small animal removal, say health department officials commenting online. In solution is always prevention first, they add.

Overall, there are many common sense methods to keep small creatures at bay and out of one’s home. However, if there is an issue with pest infestations than the best approach is to call in experts who can remove the creatures in both a safe and humane way.