Atlanta Humane Wildlife Control

In the Atlanta area there is wildlife removal that even extends to “humane rat removal,” say pest experts sharing their website services online. At a time when many property owners find themselves in ethical conundrums about what to do with wild creatures inhabiting their space, it is good to know services are available to sort this issue out. Meanwhile, the best advice for homeowner encountering an animal living under roof rafters, in a chimney or tucked away in a dank basement area is to call for professional help.

Goal to not hurt animals

humane rat removal

There are live trap techniques used by professional Atlanta rat removal specialists that do not hurt or even kill these animals living on personal and business property. According to a longtime Atlanta resident, “it feels wrong to just poison that squirrel nesting in your attic.” In turn, the resident called for wildlife busting assistance that resulted in saving the squirrel’s life; while easing the resident worried mind about having to kill the wee being. This empathy toward animals living on one’s property is also the law in many communities that ban any outright killing of wild creatures that may inhabit one’s home, garden or business property.

Living in harmony with wildlife

The view from wildlife exterminators is the worst infestations are those ignored by homeowners because the problem “just festers.” Likewise, the obvious solution for property owners is to notice tell-tell signs of small animals “getting into your shed, attic or basement.”

raccoon at door step

The signs of wildlife infestation include:

– Noises coming from under the floor, the sink or in or behind walls.

– Animal droppings that are viewed as unusual for inside areas where pets do not frequent.

– Attic and other insulation piles spotted in remote areas of the home or property.

– Urine smell that cannot be identified with pets or visiting pets.

In general, there are many signs that homeowners should be on watch for when it comes to literally being invaded by local small wildlife creatures.

Overall, there has never been a better time for home and property owners to call for professional small animal eradication using humane methods that do not harm or kill the creatures.